About The Author

My name is Mark and entered the changing mobility field back in 2015, when I started working for the Public Policy Center at the University of Iowa.  I worked in the Transportation and Vehicle Safety Group where I co-authored and drafted a report advising the Iowa DOT on autonomous vehicle technology and policy.  My work for the PPC was part of a work-study program while I was earning my MBA from Iowa’s Tippie College of Business.  Prior to that, I earned an MS in biomedical engineering, also from the University of Iowa, and worked in pharmaceutical research.

I started this blog for two reasons:

  1.  Reporting on AV, EV, OEM, policy, ride-share and bike-share developments tends to not tie changing developments together to give context.  All of these things effect each other and society at large.
  2. I am currently searching for opportunities.  I can say on a resume that I am “insightful” or that I am  a “creative” thinker, writer and communicator, but those keywords show up all resumes.  I wanted a forum that let’s me show what I’m actually capable of.